VicHealth Community Challenge

For the last 8 weeks we’ve been working with three other local community groups. Vic Health and Spark Strategy have provided business planning support to progress our projects. It’s been intense and exciting and we have all come so far.

The ACFE funding for this pilot project ‘Serving the Valley’ is to build a hospitality service training package that responds to our local needs. Annder Kelly our project manager has had over 70 conversations with local food businesses and asked lots of questions about what they need from staff and how we can work with them to get the best possible outcomes for hospitality businesses and workers.

We have discovered that local businesses sometimes struggle to get and retain good staff. In our local government area where our unemployment rate is 9% we seek to bring people seeking work and businesses looking for staff together. We want to prepare job seekers for the sometimes demanding role of working in hospitality. We want to highlight to them the opportunities available and provide practical, hands on learning opportunities to ensure they make great employees for our local businesses.

Working through the VicHealth Latrobe Community Challenge we planned to further develop our initial project through a labour hire not for profit businesses and supporting the health and well being of local hospitality workers.

Our initial pilot training will commence in October and November this year.

To show your support for the VicHealth Community Challenge you can vote for the projects participating by clicking here – VicHealth – Help to decide which idea would most benefit from $20,000 seed funding. 


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